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BizClip Inc. is built on over 20 years of experience in the video production industry.  In 2004, BizClip entered the online market by providing web video services for Internet Yellow Page Directories (IYPs). These IYPs utilize their existing sales initiatives to sell the BizClip video product to their vast number of individual business clients.  In order to supply the IYPs with their increasing demand for videos, BizClip developed a unique operational system designed to produce a large volume of high quality video commercials within a quick turnover period. The intended goal was to provide a video for every business that signs up with BizClip’s IYP partners and this initiative has been very successful.

BizClip has grown rapidly over the years and, in providing videos for both the clients of its many online IYP directory partners, as well as its independent business customers, BizClip has been able to expand internationally serving all of North America and several countries overseas.